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Private detectives from Poland – Temida Detective Agency

Private detective from Poland can help you

How can a private detective from our detective agency help you? Do Feel like you have been betrayed and want to find evidence of your spouse’s infidelity? You must have solid arguments before filing a lawsuit. You are afraid to observe yourself as this may be recognized by your spouse.

Have you been fooled by a contractor? You meet dishonest people at every turn. You trusted someone and they took advantage of it? Mistakes cause both financial and health losses – they rob people of strength and peace. You feel powerless and need support.

Private detective Poland – Warsaw

Temida Detective Agency Poland employs the best detectives in the field of detective science. The effectiveness of their work is the result of many years of experience, commitment and constantly growing knowledge in the field of forensics and detective work.

Private detectives benefit from the broad network of contacts they have made over the years of their work. The detective agency is located in the center of Poland, which makes it much easier to get to different cities of Poland. The head office is located at 7/18 Złota Street in the Śródmieście district of Warsaw, but the detective agency operates throughout the country and, if necessary, even abroad.

The scope of services of the Temida detective agency.

Private detective Poland Warsaw at Detective Agency Temida is not limited to one specialization. Your range of services is very broad. You have extensive experience in solving civil and commercial law cases. How our Detective Agency help you.

Detective offer – Civil proceedings

  • Search for missing and hidden people
  • Recovery of stolen and misused vehicles
  • Family and Divorce Cases
  • Information about your partner’s past
  • Recovery of stolen property
  • Mediation, negotiations
  • Debt collection (field)

Economic affairs

  • Search for missing and hidden people,
  • Recovery of stolen and misused vehicles and property
  • Observation
  • Review of business partners, contractors and employees
  • Economic information, environmental information
  • Debt collection interview
  • Eavesdropping detection
  • Detection of tracking devices

Private detective the Head of Temida Agency Poland:

  • Marcin (Martin) Miklaszewski (+48) 884-884-997

The founder of Temida Detective Agency, private detective Marcin Miklaszewski is an acoustician, psychologist, licensed detective, licensed stuntman The holder of the security license, technical security license. He is a member of the Cover Shooting Club, the Internatinal Police Association – Ślaska Group, a member of the IAOPD Association based in St. Petersburg (Russia) and a member of several smaller societies around the world. He is a specialist in social engineering. He completed many specialty courses including advanced FBI interrogation techniques, interview techniques, interrogation techniques, and more. Please contact us here CONTACT

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